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Dalyan Hotel Myra

Affordable Prices Always

Welcome to Myra Hotel

Myra hotel, a family run villa offers bed and breakfast in a warm environment perfect to enjoy a romantic getaway, an exciting holliday in Dalyan. From the garden you can see in front of you, on the other side of the river, the Lycian burial tombs of the Antique city of Kaunos.

Situated in the Dalyan Delta

that links Koycegiz Lake with the Mediterranean Sea, Dalyan is in the center of a region rich of different landscapes. The abbundance of natural attractions makes it an heaven for trekkers, birdwatchers, twitchers and water sport lovers.

Rooms and Apartments

The accomodations come with air conditioning, sofa beds, and balconies, (kitchen linen and dishes for appartment). Breakfast is available in the morning until 10.30 o'clock. Some rooms have a view on the Çayı River and Antique Caunos.

Diving Tours

Are you planning to spend your holiday in Dalyan and would you like to try dive activities into best spots of Mediterranean Sea, Turkey? We can offer professional daily dive courses, boat diving tours in Dalyan, Turkey.

Loggerhead turtle

During the day people swim, walk, lie in the sun to the sound of the crumping waves but at night a barrier comes down and the beach is claimed back by nature, in particular by hundreds of loggerhead turtles, one of the oldest surviving species in the world, which lay their eggs there from May to September.

Jeep Safari

You will get to enjoy unspoilt scenery from vantage points known only by locals in our jeep safari tour from Dalyan. A unique discovery of forgotten mountain villages, valleys beaches, and you will appreciate the freshness of the cool pine scented air in the forests.